Christmas Meatballs With Garlic Bread

½ tsp fresh thyme, minced 1 tsp garlic powder ⅓ cup butter room temperature 1 ½ tsp Parmesan cheese grated 1 baguette, sliced ¾ lb ground beef ¾ lb ground pork ⅓ cup onion, grated 1 egg ¼ cup milk ½ tbsp salt ½ tsp black pepper


1 tsp liquid smoke ¼ tsp allspice ¼ cup breadcrumbs ½ tbsp olive oil 1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce 1 cup Ajvar Spread Salt, as needed Black pepper, as needed 1 tbsp fresh cilantro, minced


Prepare a savory butter blend with thyme, parmesan, and garlic powder, coating bread slices generously. 

Craft delectable meatballs by combining beef, pork, onion, spices, breadcrumbs, and more, shaping them meticulously. 

Utilize air frying technology, setting the temperature and time precisely for optimum cooking of meatballs. 

Elevate the dish with a delightful Ajvar sauce, infused with Worcestershire, seasoned to perfection, awaiting meatball companions. 

Monitor the cooking process attentively, utilizing the basket's features for even browning and ideal texture. 

Ensure the garlic bread receives its due attention, toasting to a golden perfection alongside the succulent meatballs. 

Finally, assemble the feast, presenting meatballs adorned with Ajvar sauce, accompanied by fragrant garlic bread slices, a culinary masterpiece.