Hassleback Potatoes Recipe

– 3 potatoes large, washed – 1 garlic clove minced or pressed – 3 tbsp Butter melted – 2.2 oz cheddar cheese slices cut in 1”X1.5” pieces, or goat cheese – 1 tsp thyme, chopped – ½ tsp paprika – 1 tbsp olive oil – 2 tsp salt – ¼ cup chives or green onion chopped, for garnish


Prepare the potatoes by slicing them thinly with chopsticks to prevent cutting through. Coat in a flavorful mixture of garlic, thyme, butter, and spices. 

Ensure even coating of the marinade, allowing it to penetrate between the slices for maximum flavor infusion. 

Halfway through, add cheese between the slices for a gooey, indulgent touch, and brush with reserved marinade for added flavor. 

Continue cooking until the potatoes and cheese are beautifully browned, creating a crispy exterior and a soft, creamy interior. 

Garnish with chopped green onions for a fresh burst of flavor and vibrant color, enhancing the dish's visual appeal. 

Serve these Hasselback potatoes as a delightful side dish or as a standalone treat, sure to impress with their crispy edges and savory goodness.