Healthy Snacks To Quench Your Hunger

AIR-POPPED POPCORN: Healthier than store-bought, air-popped popcorn is perfect for guilt-free snacking. Season with natural flavors like paprika. 

HUMMUS AND VEGGIES: Classic hummus pairs well with veggies for a nutritious snack. Store hummus in the fridge or freezer for later use. 

HEALTHY ROSEMARY OATCAKES: Gluten-free oatcakes with rosemary are perfect for snacking. Use medium oatmeal or rolled oats for best results. 

EDAMAME: Quick and protein-packed, edamame makes for an easy snack. Keep a bag in the freezer for quick preparation. 

MULTI-SEED CRACKERS: Make your own multi-seed crackers for a cost-effective snack. Store in an airtight container for lasting freshness. 

BAKED FALAFELS: Baked falafels are a healthier alternative to fried ones. Freeze for later use and reheat in the oven. 

AVOCADO TOAST: Satisfying and nutritious avocado toast can be customized with toppings like chickpeas. Enjoy for a quick snack or light meal.