INGREDIENTS 1⁄2cup shortening 1 1⁄2cups sugar 2eggs

-1⁄2cups flour 2tablespoons cocoa 1teaspoon salt 1cup buttermilk

-1teaspoon vanilla 2ounces red food coloring 1tablespoon vinegar 1teaspoon baking soda

DIRECTIONS 1. Cream shortening and sugar together. 2. Add eggs and beat until smooth.

3. Alternate adding flour, cocoa, and salt with buttermilk. 4. Mix in vanilla and food coloring.

5. Combine baking soda and vinegar, then fold into batter. 6. Pour into greased and floured pan.

7. Bake at 350°F for 30 minutes. 8. Can be baked in two layers as well.