Shanghai-Style Xiaolongbao

INGREDIENTS WRAPPERS 2/3 cup all-purpose flour 40 mL (1/8 cup) water

MEAT JELLY 2.2 pounds pork skin without fat 17 cups water 2 cups green onion 2 cups ginger 2 cups cooking wine

FILLING 1/2 cup of minced pork 1 tsp salt 1 tsp sugar 1 tsp white pepper powder

2 tsp rice wine 2 tsp light soy sauce 2 tsp green onion 2 tsp ginger a splash of sesame oil

PREPRATIONS 1. Mix flour and water, knead into smooth dough, let it rest for 30 mins. Divide into 10 pieces, roll into circles. 

2. For pork jelly, remove fat from pork skin, blanch it. Cook ingredients in a pot, simmer for 2-3 hours, strain, cool, and cube. 

3. Mix 2/3 cup of pork jelly with other filling ingredients. 4. Place filling in wrapper, seal by pinching edges. Repeat for rest of dumplings.

5. Steam dumplings in a bamboo basket lined with parchment paper over boiling water for about 10 mins.